Perception vs. Reality

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Not for Thee.”

It is not that it is something I wouldn’t share, but it was really insightful. I had the biggest douchebag of a boss. His name was Chuck. As his best employee, I was promised promotions and I was promised positions and I was promised all kinds of things; but, as a waitress I would not sleep with the management. Therefore I became a liability and inconsequential. When I was asked why I was quitting my job this douchebag told me that “my perception was his reality.” So in other words, if I thought his actions were douchebagish, they were, plain and simple. This man did not understand what he was saying.
The conversation went on and he did not understand that what he said, said it all. He thought, in his infinite wisdom, that my reality was a reflection of his perception and I needed to get over it.
Long story short, the man as a general manager failed and the business was sold to another company or another general manager. I have been long since removed. It wasn’t the first time or last time that I will have experienced the pompousness of a man that is honestly stupid. However, as a manager/employer now, it is how I deal with my employees. It was incredibly insightful if you have the brain power to accept what it actually means.

My favorite quote ever is by Forrest Gump, “stupid is, as stupid does.”